Crayon Rescuer

Crayon rescuer is called as an ‘activist’ who delivers the message of hope and love to children who need inner healing. Crayon rescuers categorized into two parts according to the activity that they take part. One is the rescuer with ‘professional activity.’ The rescuer with professional activity is able to participate with qualified knowledge and background. The other one is a volunteer. It can be anyone who is interested in the field of color therapy. The titles of Crayon rescuers are categorized by colors which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple (crayon rescuers rainbow) according to their field of activity, professionalism, age.


Crayon Rescuer Rainbow

The Crayon Rescuer completes basic training that is applicable on the field and participate firsthand in outdoor volunteer work approved by World Children’s Crayon Foundation.

세계어린이크레용기금에 관심이 있는 예비후원자
지역사회를 위해 봉사를 희망하는 청소년
마음이 아픈 친구들에게 사랑을 나누고 싶은 어린이
봉사활동 참여를 희망하는 후원자
리더의 활동을 지원하는 전문크레용 구급사
리더로 활동할 수 있는 전문 크레용구급사(크레용구급사 blue로서 30시간이상 활동)


Professional Activity of crayon rescuers

Purple and blue crayon rescuers are experts who must cooperate with International Association of Color Psychology to work on the field of art therapy. Based on clinical experience, they may be qualified to participate in the color therapy program of W.C.C.F business as leaders or co-leaders.

크레용구급사 전문활동


Application for activity as crayon rescuer

Those who are interested in working as a crayon rescuer can fill out the application and send it to us via email. We will contact you individually. When you send an email, please write [Application for crayon rescuer] in the title. Email address:

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