The purpose of this program is to prevent violence in schools by applying a color psychology program in relation to school violence for adolescents. School violence refers to acts that cause mental or physical harm to children, teenagers and others at home and abroad, such as assault, injury, confinement, threats, harassment, incentives, insults, intimidation, coercion, forced errands, defamation, sexual violence and cyberbullying. In recent years, problems such as individual bullying, group bullying, and harassment have become serious social problems in earnest. Such bullying is a big problem among the youth, and it is spreading to social problems such as suicide of the victim, arrest of the victim student, and the parents of the victim student claim damages to the school and the education office.

All the victim and the perpetrator need to look back on themselves to find out how their actions affect others and to help them realize and maintain a friendly relationship as a member of society. By expressing the emotions through color, healing experiences that have not been solved in the unconscious can restore the balance of the mind and self-esteem as helping to live life as a member of society.