Regular citizen

Everyone living in ordinary everyday life can get worried and hurt in daily life or in human relationships. We are carrying out various projects to visit the citizens so that they can care for their big and small heart wounds by themselves through the color psychology workshop. The Citizen’s Artists activity is a regular workshop for ordinary citizens at the Citizens’ Authority in Seoul City Hall.

Citizens who are tired of everyday life will have a precious time to feel happiness in life by getting the stability and vitality of their mind for a while. Seoul Street Artists is a cultural and artistic activity that provides various workshops for the citizens in the city near Cheonggyecheon so that the citizens can awaken artistic sensibility in life and get close to art. Participating citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and happy life by not only participating in arts and culture, but also enjoying the opportunity to heal their hearts through color. In addition, we aim to help social activities by rediscovering and understanding oneself through workshops as expressing themselves through colors through objects and purposes regardless of age and sex.