North Korean detachment

The children of North Korean defectors living in Korea have escaped North Korea along with their parents, alone or with their friends, but have been emotionally deprived due to long-term carnival life and have not received education properly.
After entering the country, many of them are living in an institution that lives in a community, or living with their parents, often neglecting to make a living, so that normal family education and peer groups can not be exchanged and basic opportunities for emotional stability are not received. We aim to solve these psychological anxieties of children and adolescents, to restore self-esteem, and to improve social adaptability, to improve emotions and the quality of life.

Children and adolescents participating in the activities of the World Children’s Fund are able to freely express and emit their inner feelings through color art activities, thereby relieve stress, seek emotional stability, and restore a pleasant interpersonal relationship. This recovery of the mind helps wisdom to grow and live as a member of society.