Children express their hearts through drawing.

The children who were directly victimized by big events such as natural disasters and terrorism are deeply wounded. Also, even if they are not in the area where disasters happened, there are few children whose psychological health condition deteriorates by news that report disasters and terrorism. There are so many hidden “disasters” in daily life such as death of a family member, gruesome with peers, changing in new environment, or even losing balance due to farewells with friends. Children who experience such big and small heart injuries need psychological healing.

The World Children’s Crayon Fund meets children with a color psychotherapy program.

The colors expressed by the children are filled with their minds, and the psychological balance is restored while freely expressing their feelings by drawing pictures using colors freely. It helps listen to what the children are trying to say through the drawings they represent and helps them understand and face the current situation.


죄를 지은 사람이 의자에 앉으면 죽는다
검은색 물감으로 답답한 마음을 표현
행복한 하루