My name is Nak Sun Paik, the head of W.C.C.F.
W.C.C.F stands for World Children’s Crayon Foundation.

The past 40 years of my life doing art with children has become the motivation of my life as well as a major part. What gives me a big comfort up to this time is that I am doing a job that relates to children.

In 2003, I met a professional named Dr. Suenaga Tamio who was working in the field of Color Therapy in Japan. When I first met him and as we discussed, I discovered that He and I had the same heart and vision toward children, and also he was attentive to children’s hearts as I was. We got to share the message of art work from children in the world.

In children’s drawing and creative work, their heart and mind appear as it is, and it contains a strong message beyond language. Especially, those who underwent natural disasters and accidents are in a desperate need of healing. Moreover, even in our daily life, there are so many “disasters” that caused in relationships with family, in new environments, through stress, abuse and diseases.

Also, even if one may not be directly affected, indirect situations and social media play a major role in affecting mental health. Mental health need inner healing as much as physical disease and trauma need emergency treatment. “W.C.C.F” launched to help children that were hurt express and liberate their inner wounds. Crayon rescue activity through “W.C.C.F” first began as volunteer work in 1995 when Great Hanshin earthquake (Kobe earthquake) occurred.

After that, it was approved as a non-profit organization in May 2010 with a specific vision, and it has been active since. W.C.C.F takes action to plant possible dreams for the future and hope for the children of the world who need healing emotionally and mentally. My hope is that many more people become crayon rescuers through care and support so that they would be part of helping our future children restore their hearts to dream of happiness.


World Children’s Crayon Foundation
Corporation International Color Therapy Association

Director/ Nak Sun Paik