1. Nurturing professional manpower

The World Children’s Crayon Fund fosters professionals who can collaborate with the International Association for Color Psychology to engage in art therapy related activities.  After receiving the curriculum and clinical training of the International Color Psychological Association, the private qualification of the International Color Psychology Association (2013-0484) in accordance with the Basic Law of the Korean National Vocational Training Institute under the Ministry of Education (2013-0484), First class, professional color psychologist, certificate of training supervision certificate. You can participate as a crayon rescuer blue.

임상사례발표와 워크숍기획
색채심리사를 위한 워크숍_ 내 안의 다양한 나를 발견한다.


2. Volunteer

We train volunteers who are willing to participate in the activities of the World Children’s Crayon Fund and continue to participate. This course aims to teach the basic education of color psychology, attitudes, and service methods as volunteers to the people who are interested in mind healing and care. These volunteers are part of the Crayon First Aid Rainbow and practice love directly on-site for those in need.

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