1. Non-Profit Organization recognized by the Seoul Metropolitan Council

It is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to deliver crayons to the global children who are heart broken therefore, they can use the crayons as an avenue to freely express themselves to be secure mentally and to help them restored.


2. Constituted by certified color therapists and regular donors.

The crayon rescuers who are working at W.C.C.F consist of professional color therapists who are part of International Color therapy and regular donors.


3. Delivering messages of love and hope through drawing to global children who are heart-broken

There is no boundary when it comes to wishing happiness for all children. That is the future wish of everyone in the world. Children’s drawing gives warmth in heart like a flower to meaningless life. That is the world’s common symbol that transcends language as well as the message that transcends history of humanity. It exists to heal screams of children who are in the middle of mental war or those who need special inner care from disasters or wars all over the world.